Maeva is a French artist working between Grenoble, Paris and wherever her art projects take her.

Gifted with a long term imagination, Maeva began drawing at an early age but took her time before calling herself an illustrator. She first took a formative detour through the world of startups, product marketing and content creation where she developed her eye and vision for brand experience. She now uses her art to tell stories for brands, causes and indivuals. 

Maeva loves playing with the contradiction between the meaning of her pieces and the spontaneity of her inner child. The diversity of her work testifies to her evolution in the third art, from her personal development to her travels around the world. While always exploring new concepts and renewing herself in each creation, she maintains her contrasted style in her pieces. She crafts illustrations to capture sensations, convey important messages and tell unique stories. Let her transport you through these imaginary lines.

Get in touch: maeva@missismr.com


Drawing stories  〰️ Illustrating objects  〰️ Catching clouds